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Avignon City of the Popes

Our Tours Excursion Service in Provence in Avignon invites you to travel back in time!

Avignon presents a grandiose urban landscape: dominating the City and the Rhône, the Rocher des Doms offers an exceptional monumental complex consisting of the Pont Saint Bénezet, the Remparts, the Petit Palais, the Doms Cathedral and the impressive walls flanked by the four gigantic towers of the Palace of the Popes. This unique architectural ensemble is classified by UNESCO: "World Heritage of Humanity".

The Palace of the Popes is the symbol of the influence of the church on the Christian West in the 14th century.
Built from 1335, in less than twenty years, it is the work mainly of two popes builders, Benoît XII and his successor Clément VI.

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The essentials of Avignon
Excursion tour Visite du Palais des Papes Pont d'Avignon Rocher des Doms, Eglise Saint Pierre Avignon
Excursion Tour et Visite du Pont d'Avignon aka Pont Saint Benezet
Excursion Visite de la Basilique Saint Pierre, Place Saint Pierre 84000 Avignon
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